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    塔州对Category 1Category2Catetory4类别的申请人要求跟上个财经年度保持一致。相比之下Category 3A 属于塔州送给海外申请人的惊喜。如果您的职业在塔州的TSOL表上,雅思47分,且在塔州的招聘市场上找到5-8个与您评估职业相关的招聘信息,您就有可能被塔州190邀请。190的申请人又多了一条出路,是不是很惊喜!是不是很意外! 具体要求如下:

    Category 3A – Overseas Applicant

    To be considered for this category you must be living overseas and meet the following criteria:

    ·         nominated occupation is listed on the Tasmanian Skilled Occupations List (TSOL)

    ·         you, or any of your dependents have not lived in another Australian state or territory within the last twelve months

    ·         achieved at least ‘Proficient English’ in a recognised English language test or hold a passport of the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada or New Zealand

    ·         researched the Tasmanian labour market and provide evidence (see Document Checklist) that there are sufficient employment opportunities (at least five and not more than eight opportunities) in your nominated occupation in Tasmania; and that you have:

    ·         skills and recent experience relevant to the researched employment opportunities

    ·         skills and experience relevant to the Tasmanian economy

    ·         access to sufficient financial assets to fund your migration and settlement in Tasmania while you seek employment

    If your application is one of high calibre, and the Tasmanian Government is satisfied that you will be able to secure employment with ease due to your skills and previous work experience you may be invited to apply for the Subclass 190 - Skilled Nominated visa.


    Category 5 – Small Business Owner

    To be considered for this category you need to have a genuine intention to establish a business in Tasmania. This cannot be the establishment of a franchise nor purchase of an existing business, either part or whole, in Tasmania.

    You would need to:

    ·         submit a comprehensive business plan with your application 

    ·         strongly demonstrate your past business or management experience in an industry at least closely related to your proposed business

    ·         provide evidence that you have substantial financial capacity to operate your business in Tasmania. Information about establishing a business in Tasmania can be found on the Business Tasmania website.